Do you want to learn couple dancing TODAY?
Don't go to dance lessons!
A 28-day Romantic Bachata Dance course for couples who never danced before 

If you've ever wanted to...

  • Know how to move at a party and not feel ashamed while dancing
  • Share a new hobby (fun, dynamic, and easy) with your partner or friend
  • Start a new activity that makes you move and is not a hard gym routine

I have something for you!


A 28-day sensual Bachata online course for couples who never danced before.

  • Your new couple’s hobby
  • Chemistry & Intimacy booster
  • Joy & Energy provider
  • Anti boring days activity

What are our students sharing in our Private Group?


Week One: DANCE & FEEL

Feel the connection with your partner. We are continuing with new steps and movements that will leave you astounded and make you have so much fun.
✔️ Variations of the basic step: backward and forward steps

✔️ Make your dance more dynamic, learn how to rotate in synchronicity and maintain connection with your partner, let's learn the 180 degree turn

✔️ Know our cool arms decorations


This week you will finally realize that all the doubts you had about dance are nothing but myths. We will teach you how to dance together with confidence from day one.
✔️ Tap into the basic side step of bachata. Learn the basic step on the spot

✔️ Learn the double step, (ppsttttt) this will be your SOS when you lose the rhythm (and you need to find it again)

✔️ Learn different types of frames in dance: opened and closed position

✔️ How to do left or right turns without losing your balance

✔️ How to lead with confidence (man) and follow easily without stress (lady) - The most important part of any kind of dance.


You are ready for progressive moves, body rolls and partner work. We are starting with more fun and sensual movements for bachata dance.
✔️ Decorations; we will add the head roll, (and you will realize how bachata is a free and inspiring dance)

✔️ We reveal to you the most romantic move (that will be the icing on the cake to your dance) : the dip or romantic fall

✔️ Hips, chest, and shoulder movements to shine more on the dance floor 


After 4 weeks, you are ready to to dance at clubs, family gatherings, parties... But don't worry, you will continue learning more.
✔️ Learn about dance connection; where to look, how to touch, and hold our partner - have good dance manners.

✔️ Let's add more new steps: try our twist step

✔️ Learn how to start a dance sensually and romantically with progressive and urban decorations.


Dominican, sensual and fusion bachata style

You will learn more about other bachata styles: dominican, sensual and fusion styles. You will choose which one you like more!

VALUE: $25

Our 6 special, romantic Bachata movements!

Diversity is important and we want to be sure that you are not going to be bored. Here you will get 6 different movements and steps to make your dance more diverse.

VALUE: $37

Special dance exercises for couples!

You will learn how to practice to have better stability, lead and follow your partner better and how to understand each other on the dance floor... Sounds good, right?

VALUE: $25

Here's What You're Actually Getting When You Sign Up Now To 'Bachata Chemistry'
 Bachata Chemistry Course
 A 4-week Bachata course from scratch - Beginner-friendly - 12 videos 
 4 video classes of body rolls, mobility and flexibility  
 Our special playlist with 50 romantic, fusion, modern and dominican bachata songs
 Lifetime Access
 30 days of support
 Access to the Private Facebook Group
 7-day money back guarantee
(Value: $197)
 3 Bonus Classes: (+10 lessons)
 BONUS: Dominican, sensual and fusion bachata style
(Value: $25)
 BONUS: Our 6 special, romantic Bachata movements
(Value: $37)
 BONUS: Dance exercises for couples!
(Value: $25)
Full course: $97
$47 & 7-day money back guarantee
Once you purchase Bachata Chemistry, you will receive a 7-day money back guarantee. One time payment. Lifetime access.
How does it work?

1. You sign up.
2. Immediately after that, you will receive an e-mail from me with the program
3. Start dancing (in less than 5 minutes)
4. If before of 7 days you don't want to continue, you can send us an email ( and you will get a full refund. No asked questions.

Let me share something personal..

If you read till here, I assume that you are pretty serious to invest and to experience real, positive changes in your relationship

If you are even a bit similar to me, then you are probably tired of excuses, unfulfilled dreams and postponing a possibility to experience the full potential of growth and joy.

I remember the first moment when I thought "I will never have a man who will want to dance with me” and this frustration was for real. It’s an awful feeling. 

Most of us have these negative thoughts that crush our will for new beginnings.

"This is not for me," "I have two left legs," “I’m too shy," “I really have no time,” “He will never agree,” but all of this is just a cover of our fear. Fear of getting hurt and getting rejected. Getting embarrassed

I’m embracing you to take a step. To be a woman that you desire to be. To take the hand of your soulmate that you chose and choose all over again - To dance

To dance out all of your fears and doubts.
Me and my amazing partner, Javi did our best with Bachata Chemistry so that you both can really enjoy Bachata dance like we do. 

Remember, if you never tried to dance bachata, you never tried anything. 

Sending you Love,
Your Kristina


Q: I'm practicing at home. Do I need any equipment?

A: Only your socks, sneakers or heels/dance shoes if you have them. Yup, no joke. This whole program is equipment free. We wanted to make something that you can take with you and practice anytime, anywhere.

Q: I don't have hours to spend on practice, how much time will it take?

A: As busy, always-on-the-go people ourselves, we get you. One of the best things about this program is that it will take you only about 15 minutes a day to complete it. But if you feel fancy and have more time to spare, you can easily double that time and practice and enjoy more!

Q: How long does the course last?

A: The regular course lasts 4 weeks. But we wanted to add bonuses that complement the course by adding technique, figures, movements and theory. So, finally, most of our students manage to finish the course in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Q: Is this program suitable for complete beginners?

A: Yes, the course is made for people who have never danced before or who have danced in a very basic way. We teach step by step, from scratch, so that you understand all the movements and are able to dance with a partner. You will realize that you are able to dance much better than you think.🕺💃

Q:  Is this program suitable for all ages?

A: Of course! We often go to bars and clubs where you can dance with a partner, and believe us, there is no age that predominates in dance. There are couples of 20, others of 60 who are retired, and newly-wed couples who decide to learn to dance together... Dance is not a matter of age, it is a matter of enjoying yourself and with your partner.

Q:  Is this course good for me if I'm not in relationship?

Yes, it is. You can always do this course, for example, with your friend. This course is for everybody who wants to learn how to dance and have fun in a new way.

Q: How is the content delivered?

A: Straight to your inbox, immediately after you sign up! You will have access to the Members Area with the video classes, movements, bonuses, exercises and all the materials.

Q: How long will I have access to the content?

A: Forever and ever, my friend! Cool, right? After finishing the course, you can easily start over and see how much you have progressed. Or if life gets busy, you can just pause for a bit and then come back when you feel like it.

Q: How much does it cost?

$0 usd. Yep. After one week, if you like it and you see how much you improve, you can keep it forever and just pay $67 usd.

If you don't like, your partner finally doesn't want to continue dancing... Just send us an email, and you will not be charged anything.

Q: What if I want a refund?

A: We understand if you need to say goodbye. In that case, simply e-mail us at and we will refund your money back. You have a 7-day money back guarantee. Yup, you can test the whole program, see if it works for you and if you decide that you don't like it, we will refund you the money. 

Q: I have two left feet when it comes to dancing. Will I really be able to dance after your course?

Hey! It's me, Javier (Kristina's partner). And if you say that you have two left feet when it comes to dancing, I want to say that I had at least three. 

When I started (at 26 years old,) it was really tough for me. I felt frustrated because the synchronization of my body was horrible... 

You just need to start. It's not difficult at all!

Full course: $97
Once you purchase Bachata Chemistry, you will receive a 7-day money back guarantee. One time payment. Lifetime access.


We made the course very easy for him. 

There is a huge difference between asking your partner to go to regular classes twice per week or to take 15-minute online classes a few times per week in your living room.

Yes. It’s true. To learn one step you need 
only 15 minutes per class. 👣

Let’s be honest. We girls know how to convince our partner when we truly want something.
And trust me. The moment you both actually try, he will most likely love it even more than you. 
That’s what I noticed from our students. 

✔️ You can always use your imagination and put a little more effort to convince him. 
Light some candles on, put on some music, turn off the lights and… You have a romantic and safe environment for your first bachata dance.

✔️ It's your private, intimate time together. Nobody will see you and nobody will judge you.
It will become your unique couple’s secret.

Make the first move to your mutual hobby without his “permission”. 😜

Sometimes, in a relationship, one person needs to push a little bit the other one… Just a little. 
Because, in the end, most of the guys want to dance as much as the girls. 
They just hide it better. 🙂
✔️ Let them know how it would make you feel (make it personal).

✔️ Let your partner find benefits to starting dancing with you (personal).

✔️ Find out what is really holding your partner down from giving it a try.

✔️ Show them the positive vibes and let them lead.
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